Never have a dead phone moment. Always stay charged!


Why Juice Chargers?

When you’re out at a concert, night club, or running late through an airport and you have no battery, Juice will come to the rescue to charge you up.

Juice takes 1-2 hours to charge your phone. Juice charger comes pre-charged. Just tear the package and get juiced! 


Each Juice Charger has the charging capability to provide 4 hours of battery life. 


Juice chargers are biodegradable and can be disposed at any convenient recycling can. 


Charge on the go with no wires!

Juice (iPhone) Charger
  • Light weight

    Juice Chargers only weigh 6 ounces and is convenient to transport. 

  • Re-charge

    Juice Chargers allow you to turn the charger off and preserve the remaining juice for a later date. 

  • Battery

    Go from 0-40% with in 2 hours and keep your phone charge for an additional 4hrs.

  • Convenient

    No wires needed. No more searching for outlets. Juice goes where your phone goes. 


Juice is lightweight and best used in emergent situations. Do you remember the last time your device ran out of juice? With Juice Chargers we’ll always be there to keep you charged. 


Running apps like Snapchat, Instagram and Twitter can quickly drain your battery. This is why you should always have a Juice Charger! Never miss another moment of fun on your device because you ran out of juice. 


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OMG!!! When my friends and I were at EDC our phones died super fast. Thank GOD #juicechargers was at the event! 

Me and my friends went to the bruno Mars concert we had to snap and that caused our phones to die fast. When it was time for Lyft juice was there.

We charged our phones before going to #EDC and assumed we would be good. But since apple batteries dies fast, we needed a charge, good thing we found Juice.